I made this album based on the same principals of how evolution has created increasingly advanced organisms. An organism consists of patterns, the patterns change every generation, but are based on the past generation.  When an organism reproduces, its DNA is passed on to the next generation, but other patterns are mixed in and the original pattern is modified; so  we are never exact replicas of the past generation. The songs of this album evolve based on this principal. Every four bars, a new generation starts. You can hear the old pattern repeat while new mutations are added. But this album is in no way intellectual; I hope it captures a deeper truth, a truth that you don't need to think about, a truth that is experienced. The best way to experience this album is to close your eyes and feel how the sound effects your body.   

"Mind Beyond" is a wild mixture of emotions. I wrote the album during the time when I was to coming to terms with the fact that I could not be with the love of my life. Our love was so intense that we literally wanted to leave our body and melt together and become the same being. But that's not the point of physical life. We are here to learn and accomplish things, to share our gifts with the world, and to work toward become more benevolent beings. Our relationship was no longer positively contributing to our individual paths and we decided to break up. The emotions I try to express through this album are: acceptance, gratitude, and unconditional love. A broken heart is an open heart once you don't try to resist the pain. The pain becomes your teacher.  


I wrote this album over the course of a few years. These songs were the catalyst of my spiritual journey, in order to play them I had to put myself into a meditative trance. I used to go to Central Park in the middle of the night and play there under a bridge. The sound bounced off the walls and it felt like I dissolved into an ocean of vibrations.